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I was invited to participate in the Mt. San Jacinto College (MSJC) Multimedia/Photography Advisory Committee Meeting in November 2010.  Giving back to the community is important to us and if I can help as a business owner representative for the college – count me in!

Keith Hanz, Melissa Ott, and many other individuals at the MSJC have put their hearts and brainpower to work.  The photography program is one of the most up-to-date and well-equipped programs I have seen is a long time.  And to believe it’s only 10 miles north of my studio was even more impressive.  No need to drive to L.A. or San Diego it’s all here in the Inland Valley.  Modern camera gear along with Mac Pros everywhere – all fully loaded with the latest software.  Here is an excerpt from the course description: “… a versatile and truly state-of-the-art digital studio, light room, and imaging lab has been designed and constructed to facilitate the photography department’s industry-responsive digital curriculum.  Beginning through advanced students will avail themselves of a 1,325 square foot digital imaging studio with high ceilings and versatile photographic environments – all networked to a digital light room and other adjoining learning facilities. Students will benefit from hands-on exposure to real-world tools. These tools are fast, high-resolution capture, manipulation, and output devices that will allow students to fully explore the current photographic realm. For individuals presently working within these fields, there may be potential for salary and/or career advancement.”

What will separate the few is a good education and the people at MSJC have done so much to make this happen here locally.  The college website can be found at:

Dan Pettus, C.P.P.
msjc photo lab College Photography Courses


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  1. Keith is just an easy going guy. I have completed all the photography classes at MSJC with Keith as my teacher. It was a fun experience. He is very passionate about photography and sharing his knowledge with others.

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